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What is the Mile High Salute System?

The Mile High Salute system allows you to send a private salute or thank you to the author of any post that you feel deserves to be recognized.

Who should I give a Mile High Salute to?

That is completely up to you. If you believe the post or poster deserves to receive a salute, then by all means send them a Mile High Salute.

How do I give someone a Mile High Salute?

To send a Mile High Salute, you simply have to be logged in to and then click the small salute icon in the upper right of the post you wish to salute.

Can I send a message with my Salute?

Yes, you have the option of sending a brief, positive message with your salute?

Is my salute anonymous?

No, the poster receiving the Mile High Salute will see your name, along with the post you are saluting, the date it was sent and any message that you choose to send.

Will other posters (other than the person I am saluting) know that I saluted a specific post?

No, the salute is between you and the author of the post you are saluting. Nobody else will know which posts you have saluted.

Can I send a negative salute?

No, the system does not allow sending negative salutes.

How do I know if I received a Mile High Salute?

When you click on the User CP link at the top left of the screen, and enter your User CP (User Control Panel) area, you will see a section showing the last 15 Mile High Salutes that you have received.

Do I get points when I receive a Mile High Salute?

No, there are no points associated with the Mile High Salute system. The salute is simply a way for you to tell the author of a post that you find the post worthy of a salute, and gives you the opportunity to send a brief message to the author.

Can I reach new levels or get special benefits as I get more salutes?

No, as there are no points associated with the Mile High Salute system, there are also no levels or privileges associated with the system.

What do I do if someone sends me a nasty message with a Mile High Salute?

Contact a moderator immediately and report it. A moderator or administrator will investigate it and take action if necessary. Due to the fact that the Mile High Salute system does not allow anonymous message to be sent, abuse in this area is not anticipated. However, the same rules apply to salute messages as apply to the forum as a whole, and posters that violate that those rules will be dealt with appropriately.

Will changes/enhancements be made to the Mile High System?

The Mile High Salute system is being launched (11/26/07) for a trial period of 30 days. During this 30 day trial, the Advisory Board will be listening to feedback from forum members and evaluating the effectiveness of the salute system. At the end of the 30 day trial, the Advisory Board will decide whether or not the system needs to be modified and whether or not the system will be made a permanent part of or will be discontinued.

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