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  1. No, I mean follow the rules. If you’re unable to do so you’ll be banned permanently as this is a recurring issue that I’v you’ve refused to correct.
  2. And by ‘act civilly’ you mean hold my tongue on Walmart heirs? Well I’m not going to.
  3. Fandom I guess
  4. In my defense I was expecting a little banter by trolling, I was honestly surprised that people are already so protective of the Satan’s. Joe is usually thick-skinned as well.
  5. No blame, no posts deleted or CYPs issued. I just closed the thread so it didn’t continue to get worse. You definitely had help, but to it own admission you were trolling so you should expect exactly the response you were after and received
  6. I was told by Jerry (I think that was his name, been over 15 years) that he shook Walton’s hand at the grand opening and there were pictures of it hanging in the break room for years.

    As for starting that conversation; I was only trying to troll Joe, it grew into that discussion from other people’s butthurt. Butthurt over the Satan’s, not over Ronnie Hillman.

    I’m to blame for that derailed thread, but I had a lot of company with regards to having that discussion. Wave and Carrol can rest easy knowing I have absolutely no problem taking all the blame.
  7. I was referring more to the comment about you heard he had a pic with Sam or something along those lines, apologies if I wasn’t clear. Either way, terrible place to start having that conversation or any like it.
  8. It was a first-hand story about firings, btw, I was there. Literally.
  9. What are you talking about? I'm just now logging in
  10. Can’t help but notice that Falcon gets, yet, another pass.
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