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  1. Thursday, you monster! Thursday!
  2. Did you? When? Any chance I was flying? I’ve been on the road a LOT lately. Sorry about that man
  3. I called your phone and you didn't even have the decency to text your broham back! You have wounded me!
  4. What did I fail to do? I’m lost
  5. You failed me again! )=
  6. You failed me! You let me down!
  7. Why didnít she just give his phone back?

    Again, Iím not saying he shouldnít have been arrested but heísbeing treated differently by the law than she is and itís 100% because heís a man. They both took the otherís property and held it hostage. It makes no difference whatsoever what the property is, thereís no law anywhere that says baby formula theft is different than cell phone theft.

    I understand you have a soft spot given the need for formula but unless the law specifies degree of wrongness by items then there is no factual difference between their actions, only emotional.
  8. She left to call the house from the neighbor. How can she leave if she doesn't have food for the child? Don't balk at that, that's a one-month old in a formula shortage. How could she leave without her wallet? So she should drive illegally? She should have leave without food for her kid, her wallet, and the child's medical information which was also in the car. That was literally the entire point of putting those things in his car.
  9. She could absolutely leave, you don’t think she has more formula? Can’t buy any? Come on man…
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