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  1. I didn't feel you attacked me. I think you make a fair point. I too am very disappointed with "the right".

    I've always been very interested reading about the historical rise/demise of different parties (where did the Whigs go?). Like the re-alignment of many between Dem/Rep during the Civil Rights movement (the so-called "Southern Strategy" stuff).

    It seems we're watching something similar unfold right before our eyes. I don't know where I'll end up years from now, but I know I'll be in much the same place. . .it will be the parties that have moved and re-arranged around me.
  2. I don’t have much to say in response. I’m sorry if you felt I was attacking you, that wasn’t my intent but I could see how that came across. I’m disappointed with the right.
  3. Re: your MHS. I detest Trump, and his morals. I did everything I could as an individual citizen to oppose him in the prior election.

    Now, he's there in the office, checked somewhat by the House controlled by Democrats.

    That changes the math some when making a decision this time around. If the choice this time around is between Trump checked by Democratic controlled Congress, vs. Warren paired with a Democratic Congress. .. . well, I'm going to hold my nose and vote for Trump.

    If the choice is between having an immoral, unethical President, but some semblance of our country, vs. a potential complete restructuring of our Republic as we know it. .. . I would have to choose the former.

    I'm sure I'll re-evaluate as this election unfolds, and see who the Dems nominate etc.
  4. Right, I know you very very rarely reported posts. It's ridiculous.
  5. I know the real reason, but blaming it on MLB is more fun.
  6. Get rid of the bait and we won't have a problem. That's supposedly against the rules too.
  7. Re: picture. Sorry, I was driving by at 70 mph and didn't have the camera ready.
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