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  1. Good luck.
  2. If he wasn't always like that then shouldn't someone try to reach out to him?
  3. Just hanging in.
  4. When the formerly center-right guy from your biz says that, you know it's bad. It's been an awful week for truth. I don't fear that the truth won't come out - the greatest fear is that it doesn't matter anymore. The decline is now.
  5. Do it!
  6. I'm going to churn out my next power rankings list tonight.
  7. I think it’s fair game to look at any and all resources you want as long as you’re not copying.
  8. Mo, I think I'm going to write up some power rankings lists. Both for the NFL and the NBA. Do you think it's fair game to look at other power rankings lists as a reference point?
  9. You’re good. I overreacted a little and thought you worded it poorly...the economics of baseball are actually quite fascinating. I think someone like you would really enjoy reading about them.
  10. My bad broski. That didn't come out right, and you were right to be frustrated. Again, I'm sorry.
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