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  1. I do not understand your ways of percussion. I must now assume you've challenged me to a drum-off...and...I yield as I am not a drummer. Well played, Hawginton. Well played.
  2. RE Teddy: because dude has grounded through so much in his life and is a class act. I dunno, my gut tells me it’s wrong and I trust my gut. A man who almost lost his career and leg that came back to the NFL.doesn't strike me as a bitch. But it’s water under the bridge.
  3. Cheers mate!
  4. I totally understand. I think that these are things that now just blend in; the NFL is allowing kneeling in regards to the Israel/Palestine affair. What is once controversial become the norm, and the norms sometimes become controversial and often stay the norm. It's just how things work, to borrow a term from Slim.

    I'm more suspicious of people who make your claim and don't mean it (you clearly do, and you have all the gravitas with me) while supporting their favored items. And that's too many people. I dunno; I'm still political and all that, but just gentler. Now I'm rambling. This all makes sense to me at five in the morning; hope it's coherent, haha.
  5. Hey homie, I meant to send this to you in response to a MHS comment about Kap/inherent political speech etc. -- "Ikwym...I enjoy strong argument. But sideshow when you aren't in the mood, that's my issue. National anthem? Washes over me. Etc. I want to consume safe entertainment, not be challenged in my downtime." I sent it to Jaded on accident lol, I thought he sent your comment.
  6. I’m eastern time zone. I’m free Tuesday until 7. All day Wednesday until 5:30 pm. All day Thursday, night too. and I should be free Friday after 3 pm.
  7. Always glad to help. Give me some options on times.
  8. You free for a discord call anytime this week? I'm starting another writing project and I can't tell if I'm ripping off some folks or not. I don't think I am, but I'm unsure.
  9. Yessir.
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