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  1. I’m eastern time zone. I’m free Tuesday until 7. All day Wednesday until 5:30 pm. All day Thursday, night too. and I should be free Friday after 3 pm.
  2. Always glad to help. Give me some options on times.
  3. You free for a discord call anytime this week? I'm starting another writing project and I can't tell if I'm ripping off some folks or not. I don't think I am, but I'm unsure.
  4. Yessir.
  5. Do you read fantasy novels?
  6. I hate it, man. They’re shortening her lifespan, legally. Her doctor hates it.
  7. **** yes!
  8. yeah, that's my jam...thanks homie

    Please note that Russ was playing very badly during this stretch. The line was fine until it was decimated. Russ was bad throughout the season.
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