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  1. On the grave of my father, I'm done with this place. You have me on facebook, that post was not aimed at you. You've been one of the few people who ever gave a shit about me and made the place fun.

    I presume you knew that, but I just wanted to state it again.
  2. Brother, that is definitely how I feel.
  3. I love you broski.
  4. It absolutely is sad. And we have people literally championing right-wing domestic terrorists and a president who courts them.
  5. And you know the same people calling LeBron a hypocrite for focusing on black rights and not China are the same people who don't want to accept refugees and who want to send people back to Mexico because "we have enough problems here".
  6. You know how when we look back 60 years in the past and it's pretty much universally accepted that people who were for segregation, Jim Crow laws, and against civil rights were clearly on the wrong side of history? 60 years from now, the people who were against BLM, player protests, and police reform are going to be just as universally considered on the wrong side of history. It's sad that we have so many of those people in our midst.
  7. That's fair. I will say that many of his best plays came off of slants, screens, and the shorter/midrange passes. His route tree ability is often underrated, but some scouts also overrate it. He's not running pristine comeback routes like Marvin Harrison and Chad Johnson. But he's also not running those super awkward shit routes like Devin Hester did back in the day. Kid is tough and blocks okay, but he needs to improve on highpointing the ball...luckily his vertical is pretty dope.

    I think his floor is Donte Stallworth. His ceiling is real high. If the rumors are true that the Niners want him...he's going to be a sheer killer.
  8. I haven't looked at the receivers too closely, but Lamb and Judy were the two who jumped out the most to me watching college ball this year. Ruggs is probably the guy I have the least memory of from last season.
  9. How do you feel about Ruggs? I have watched his tape and read pretty much every scouting report - he has good hands (lowest drop rate out of the big three, even if adjusted for targets) and is a solid route runner (some say he's flat out good and others say the opposite, but he's more than just a nine route runner) that can improve. I just don't buy into the fact that he's another John Ross when he literally has huge attributes that Ross doesn't have.
  10. I just dunked on our favorite poster who is 'above the fray' and posts ever so many links.
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