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  1. Excessive force cannot be seven shots, point blank range, in the back, over a knife seems to be what we are disagreeing over. I'll kick it over in my head a bit before I respond to your point. Thanks for continuing the conversation. It is appreciated.
  2. Thread got closed but my rebuttal to your last post.

    I guess it just comes down to what excessive force actually is then.

    George Floyd had 3 cops on top of him to which he died. Thats excessive force when the man was pleading that he couldnt breathe.

    Blake had grabbed a knife after not being able to be taken down physically or with a taser and thus was shot in the process. The scenarios are nowhere near close to one another.
  3. Ah, gotcha. Lol
  4. Why yes, yes it is.
  5. Is that Riley Reid in the avvy?
  6. Yes he was. Lol
  7. Yea, no point in arguing about when Lock should or could have started. Bronco fans in some cases live in a bit of denial when it comes to the moves and choices this team makes with players.
  8. I better be!! Viking brothers till the end!
  9. Very much so.
  10. Are you serious? He dislikes the guy for political reasons? Lol thats hysterical.
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