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  1. He’s got NFL talent but I don’t think he can overcome his deformity.
  2. Source: Seattle Seahawks waive linebacker Shaquem Griffin
    What do you think? Article says that he was cut more because of a logjam than poor play. They might PS him.
  3. What’d we do now?
  4. They hate me.
  5. I try my best.

    But it's often shit.
  6. Not a bad idea. You rule, Kinger, NEVER change.
  7. smoke some pot, fam.
  8. I can’t do it today, I’m so full of ****** unrefined hate.
  9. I'm upset, too. I'm here for you, Jadedkiss.
  10. You may be right about Thomas but I haven’t read/heard the concerns.
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