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    So Missy and I have been following this guy for a while now as he (and sometimes his lady) do movie reactions, reviews, etc on their youtube channel. He even has a few different segments called "Is it Really that Bad" and of course his "Vs" episodes. Well, tomorrow Neko and I are appearing on his show to debate "Warlock" vs "Wishmaster" so if anyone is interested to tune in (it will be live but also recorded) you can do so here. You will have the ability to chat as well and ask questions if need be about the movies or even choose your own winner.

    What's up all you Supernatural Horror Fans! Welcome to our series called VERSUS! Where we put two or more films against each other and decide which film is the best of the bunch! In this episode we are discussing Warlock (1989) & Wishmaster (1997)! Who will be the winner? Join our debate live Thursday April 22nd at 6pm pacific time to find out! This episode will feature special guests Aaron Pynn from Cult of Cinema, Martial Artist / Rapper Cryptik Soul, DJ Anubis from Hordes of Chaos Podcast, Erik the Asian Movie Enthusiast, & MrTonyofthedead!

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