Yes, you read it correctly. Metal Tavern Radio is back online only in a different format. Neko and I will still be doing the weekly podcast but now you can tune into MTR if you are all caught up on the podcast stuff. But there have been some changes and they are as follows,

1. MTR is 24/7 again, however the format is a mixture of metal and rock music. There are not special segments dedicated to one particular genre.

2. New music will be added weekly to the radio however again no particular slot is dedicated to showcasing the new material. It will all be mixed in with everything else.

3. At this time if you want to check out what is new you will still need to listen to the podcast as that is the direct way to hear what is new out in the world of metal and rock.

4. While i will be trying to update a lot of the older links i used to have with the new feed right now the only way to tune into the station is,

A) (using the player buttons on the upper right hand side. Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc)

B) Xiialive player on your Android or Iphones.

We will still update everyone when we do a new podcast but the ratings and special segments will not be brought back due to time constraints. Hope you all enjoy at least having the music come back with a wide variety of stuff to listen to.