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My wife showed me a couple pics she took of some of the Cowboy steaks I'd made for her (we both eat them, but she's the one that loves steak). Thought of this thread and thought I would share. One has a better sear/char than the other, so it probably had more fat that caused the big flare ups on that really make for a great crust.

While this have quite a bit of char from searing on the IR burner of my gas grill, they were slow cooked in the pellet grill to about 115*, before resting for 10 minutes, and then searing at 1100, and if it was a steak with a lot of intramuscular fat, the sear include being incased in flame from flare up on the IR burner (the best result is when this happens).

I have a pattern of something like 60 seconds on one side, 60 seconds on the other, then 30 seconds on the first, check the temps, if still low enough, another 30 seconds on the other side, then hold it on end to get the sides for 10 seconds in a few places. Shooting for about 130-135 internal in the central areas. So, when I slice this, the center is pink, medium rare to medium.

These are big hunks of meat, which is what makes it easy to have a pink, medium-rare center and well charred/seared outside, so we only do this about once a month or so.

That looks great T!