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Thread: Last movie you saw - and rate it

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    Without Remorse on Amazon. The Tom Clancy based thriller starring Michael B Jordon. I always love action thriller but 4 out of 10. There are some many things that make it unbelievable that i couldn’t stop hating on it. So according to the movie you can take 3 Warsaw standard round from AK-74M to the chest and shoulder area and still operate, or Navy officers only wear their blues in the office or Dulles airport is next to DC or LCDR runs a seal squad. So many things are messed up. What I loved about Tom Clancy writing he really attempted to get details right, this movie doesn’t.
    "We saw it…. the hussars let loose their horses. God, what power! They ran through the smoke and the sound was like that of a thousand blacksmiths beating with a thousand hammers

    They rush on to the Swedes! They crash into the Swedish riters…. Overwhelm them! They crash into the second regiment - Overwhelmed! Resistance collapses, dissolves, they move forward as easily as if they were parading on a grand boulevard

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