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Thread: Dj Anubis (Northman) back on the air

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    If you didn't conclude CV is a testament to all-time greatness I'm driving out to your home and we're having a Viking battle.
    I always liked to hear about the old-timers. Never missed a chance to do so. You can't help but compare yourself against the old-timers. Can't help but wonder how they'd have operated these times - Sheriff Bell.

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    In this episode Neko and I give our thoughts on "Corman's World" which details the legacy of legendary filmmaker Roger Corman. We discuss not only some of the great films he created but how he managed to launch so many great actors from his films.

    We review last weeks episode of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs which featured the films "Train to Busan" and "Spookies". Not only does one of the films confuse us in terms of plot but apparently Joe Bob and company as well to the point that they even created a rap song about it.

    The tv series "Dark Side of the Ring" had a feature on the late Brian Pillman who happened to be pretty close to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Find out how Brian kickstarted the "attitude" era of wrestling and how troubled his personal life was before his death.

    And finally, in our Retro Dvd Movie Vault we revisit "Killing Zoe" from 1994 starring Eric Stoltz and Julie Delpy.

    Special thanks to Angel PR, Qabar PR, Curtain Call Records, Grand Sounds Promotion, Inverse Records, and MDRP for selected tracks this week.

    Dargor- Crown (Samael Cover)DJ Anubis- Intro
    Ulcer- Those Black Gods
    Vomit Ritual- Asphyxiated
    Grave Miasma- Guardians of Death
    Ancient Wisdom- And God Saw
    Slaughtbbath- Ritual Bloodbath
    Black Curse- Finality I Behold
    Edu Falaschi- Land Ahoy
    Veritas- Love and Burn
    Out of Nowhere- Blind Crow
    Side Project- Its Not a Title, Its a Label
    The Word66- Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum Cover)
    Judas Priest- Breaking the Law
    The Darkness- Japanese Prisoner of Love
    Violent Femmes- Add it Up
    Electric Haze- Cavern of Pain
    In Hell- Eschatology from Heresy
    Klamm- Death Worship
    Nordjevel- Fenriir
    Vomitron- Airwolf
    Hundred Headless Horsemen- Spleen
    Killer Be Killed- Wings of Feather and Wax
    Out of Hand- Weak Willed
    Torturebitch- Inhuman Declaration of War
    Vulture- Below the Mausoleum

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    In this episode Neko and I discuss some entertainment news regarding the newest "Mortal Kombat" movie, "What We Do in the Shadows" tv series, and "John WIck 4".

    We give our thoughts on the latest episode of VS featuring That Phat Samurai Guy, Ric Meyers, Frankie Pozos, and more regarding their discussion of "The Rock" vs "Con Air" and Noobs gives his thoughts why one is better than the other and why.

    In music news coming from Dennis Deyoung speaks about trying to have a reunion tour for Styx but is Tommy Shaw playing hardball? And Noobs sounds off on some of the whining in regards to the latest episode of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs.

    And in our Retro Dvd Movie Vault Neko selects "Predator 2" for us to revisit. Why is this film so polarizing to fans and is it legit?

    Special thanks to Scarlet Records, Grand Sound Promotions, Dr. Music Records, MDRP, Music Records, Horror Pain Gore Death, and Qabar PR for selected tracks this week.

    Fozzy- SOS (Abba Cover)
    DJ Anubis- Intro
    Morbid Breath- In the Hand of the Reaper
    Oxygen Destroyer- The Plague Spreading Horror from 20,000 Fathoms
    Reinforcer- Black Sails
    Critical Disaster- Sacred Ancient Statue of Totok Kerot
    Orbstruct- Mercury Turn
    Guzarat- Algoritma
    Vallendusk- Solivagant Heart
    An Autumn for Crippled Children- Melancholia
    Borgne- The Swords of the Headless Angels
    J.D. Overdrive- Come Full Circle
    Oversense- Tear Me Down
    Seven Ravens- Buried Alive
    Natal Pride- Night Lord
    Cheap Trick- Dream Police
    Ironbound- The Witch Hunt
    Panopticon- Moth Eaten Soul
    Twisted Mist- Finis Vitae
    Oak Pantheon- Grasp the Apparition
    Gorephilia- Return to Dark Space
    Spasticus- Millenial Paradise
    Drawn and Quartered- Rotting Abomination
    This Ending- Eclipse of the Dead
    Oldskull- Perpetual Void
    Cathedrals Fall- How Far We Fall

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