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  1. Thanks for all your work as a mod Dread, you were one of the few good ones.
  2. Just checking in on you man. Havent seen you in a while, hope things are ok.
  3. Lol, yea i remember all that. I also remember him disappearing for a great while after McD got fired. I think i called him out on it but he made up some lame excuse as too he was busy with work or whatever. haha
  4. No, he was more along the lines of being sold on the idea that McDaniels was possessed of a great giant enormous super brain, and all who didn't see it were just dunces and simpletons, unable to grasp the nuances visible only to McDaniels....and Bosco
  5. Oh i didnt forget Bosco, i just couldnt remember if he despised Jay as much as the other two. lol
  6. I've loved Hawkwind for 30 some years now. Space Ritual is still, for my money, the best live album ever
  7. Just got into Hawkwind with in the last couple of years. There is a metal band that does a cover of "Assault and Battery" and at the time i did not know it was a cover. But after listening to the original and then the rest of their catalog they have become a fave band of mine. Oddly when i bring them up to people who are older than me that like classic styled rock none of them really know who they are. lol
  8. You'll be interested to know that ive recently come across a promo for a band called Dreadnaught that im going to be giving a rating too soon. Never thought i would come across a band with you name. Pretty cool eh?
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