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  1. Dearest Dreadnought,

    It is nice to have a real QB. One with brains and an arm.

    What do you think his ceiling is?


  2. I miss you, Dreadnought.
  3. Hey Dread, we did some maritime law for contracts and how it interacts with the UCC. I thought of you.
  4. Is your health better, friend?
  5. This place sucks right now. I'll be around sporadically. Take care of yourself, Dread, you beast of a man you.
  6. Hey Mike! great to see you again. I for one missed your incisive wit something fierce!
  7. I raise you your entire state of politicians!
  8. IIRC, lawyers from the military dominate that field. You know what's really funny? Military lawyers, whether still enlisted or not, are some of the most fearsome attorneys you will ever meet. So much for the 'military people are stupid' notion.
  9. Thanks, Mike - even a blind pig finds an occasional acorn, right?

    Any thought to Admiralty Law? I don't know if there is much call for it, and its certainly obscure, but from what I hear pretty interesting
  10. The legal market is rough at the moment. Personally, I am interested in doing family law. For my 'money' I want to do divorces, and for my soul I want to be a guardian ad litem. Patent law is where it is at. You gave me a lot of really good advice a few years ago. I doubt that you remember it, but I do. I'm applying that advice to my life now.
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