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  1. Bill Russell is the most overrated player in NBA history and Wilt Chamberlain is the most falsely (perhaps was as we're getting the history right now) villainized man in the NBA.
  2. No apology needed but the sentiment is appreciated.
  3. I donít know if you saw my post before the thread got shut down. I conceded that me chiding you for what I what I deemed to be facetious was a double standard because I wasnít pointing out those who were doing similar things from a more conservative mind sight. I offer you my apology.

    I also want you to know I didnít report anything. Good day sir
  4. I apologize for the part I played.
  5. Well, it wasn't your fault, but it does demonstrate why I rarely post about faith in that forum.
  6. The God thread turned into a shitfest. Some of it was funny, but I wish I hadn't made it in retrospect.
  7. P&R
  8. Which thread?
  9. I appreciate your sincerity in that thread. That thread is a good reason why I rarely post in that forum. The cynism gets nasty quick.
  10. So, I gather your not happy with me. I'm guessing you telling me, "**** you" is a good indicator. I'm sorry I offended you dude. I honestly felt you were being a little condescending so I responded in what I felt was like manner. However, it wasn't my intention to make you mad. I hope we can reconcile things...I'm sorry dude.
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