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  1. Three months is a good amount of time. He'll be back and he'll really appreciate what he has. A year or even six months, you find a new rhythm.
  2. Ha! I think he likes leaving for a few weeks a year, but he’s got 2 little girls and a wife so he’s definitely got mixed emotions.
  3. At least it's just 3 mo and he's AF. Good chance to lift a bunch and so forth. Plus he's guard...are you sure he's not looking forward to it?
  4. You as well amigo. I’m reminded of you often because one of my teammates is a crew chief on a warthog in the guard. Poor guy is getting deployed to Afghanistan for 3 months in August.
  5. Missed ya around here--good to see you!!!
  6. Dude!
  7. Dude.
  8. dude.
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