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  6. Hey can I get some help here?
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  18. The Difference in Terminology between WCO and EP
  19. When did this forum start?
  20. West Coast Offense Vs. Spread Offense
  21. How would you build a team?
  22. Draft question: What happens if you skip your turn?
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  32. Wouldn't it be easier to run on a 3-4 defense?
  33. QB Personality Types
  34. Did the NFL change the rule on OL downfield?
  35. Denver roster before cuts 9/5
  36. Passer (QB) Rating Calculator
  37. UFL Football Tonight
  38. Wearing "away" uniforms during home games.
  39. The 3rd annual Dortohs upset of the year thread
  40. Field Goal Block Question
  41. FG Question- 3rd Down kicks
  42. I was bored at work, so....
  43. Defensive Strategy Question
  44. Penalty for excessive crowd noise
  45. Horse Collar Tackle
  46. CBA=Uncapped 2010 in the NFL Could Hurt Teams and Players
  47. CBA-Related Questions and Answers
  48. Saints vs vikings
  49. The Problem with Football
  50. Photos: Ranking top 10 Super Bowls
  51. Possession of a Catch.
  52. Franchise and transistion TAG Amounts
  53. CAPnomics 101
  54. Mike & Ted ILBs in 3-4
  55. Draft question
  56. 5 Technique: Understanding Defensive Line Assignments
  57. CBA Negotiations - Why a lockout is likely
  58. NFL draft-pick value chart
  59. X's, Y's and Z's on Broncos' receivers
  60. QB 101 Mc Daniels style.
  61. A perspective on the Spread Offense
  62. Goin' camping 2010
  63. What affect injury on contract?
  64. Kicking/Punting question
  65. How long are NFL practices?
  66. Football 101?
  67. Offensive Holding
  68. 4-3/3-4/Tampa 2
  69. does anybody know?
  70. GREAT Rule Change Coming to NCAA Football in 2011
  71. Great new book
  72. Moving the kickoff back to the 35
  73. Good Article About the Realities of Officiating
  74. WR/TE Catching: When "Should" they?
  75. Article - DBs Have It Tough
  76. The term "All Pro"
  77. Half Personnel
  78. Who pays Orton?
  79. Rules Thread
  80. The NFL Passer Rating System, and Improving It for Rushing
  81. Why are some players "inactive"?
  82. Ask Anything (Defensively)
  83. Ask Anything (Be Offensive)
  84. Make Yourselves Useful: Help Me Teach Europeans about Football
  85. Will any Franchise every buy into the college spread / option?
  86. If you attempt a 101 yard field goal, and you miss it, is it a safety?
  87. IDing the "Mike" Linebacker
  88. The Place Kick Punt
  89. Expanded Playoffs?
  90. Why is Manning so interested in who is the middle linebacker?
  91. Spike
  92. A question I asked twice in another thread that wasn't answered.
  93. NFL will propose to change "tuck rule".
  94. "Trent Richardson Rule" Instated: Runners May No Longer Lead with Their Heads
  95. Nickle and Dime packages
  96. Do all college players HAVE to enter the draft to get on a team?
  97. Why is a quarterback called a quarterback?
  98. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
  99. Introducing the Defensive Scheme Type Indicator
  100. Can a person kick a ball farther or throw a ball farther
  101. The Importance of First Down
  102. NFL 2020 Ep. 4: Analytics and Officiating
  103. Injured Reserve, Designated to Return
  104. Film study
  105. What Are Your Most and Least Favorite NFL Rules Changes Ever?
  106. Peyton's Pre-Snap Routine
  107. NFL Player GREATNESS
  108. Stars on captain patches
  109. Rule changes for next season
  110. Compensatory picks
  111. An "under"standing of Denver's base defense
  112. Favorite Route Combinations
  113. Illegal Contact
  114. Help a stupid limey out
  115. 4-3 Vs 3-4 with out current roster
  116. free safety vs corner
  117. Black Punters
  118. How does PFM beat teams that know how to beat him?
  119. 2015 Seahawks Tackling
  120. The stretch run and the bootleg play action.
  121. Will Football (Literally) Die As It Was Born?
  122. If You Could Change One NFL Rule (or Enforcement) What Would It Be?
  123. BlabDino: Bryant catch not a TD, Shazier hit legal...
  124. Question re: Roby's 2-point conversion interception.
  125. Wade says match zone -- explain
  126. Dog vs. Blitz - Wade says most experts don't know the difference
  127. NFL Competition Committee Move Touchback to 25 ***MERGED***
  128. In the line of fire
  129. Rules question and I think it might be stupid
  130. The official teach Timmy about football thread
  131. PUP list vs NFI list
  132. What Is Holding?
  133. Diving head first now the same as feet first.
  134. 1946 Football
  135. become more efficient at the top of routes
  136. Analysis of Superbowl Winning Quarterback
  137. Johnny Manziel agrees to join Fan Controlled Football startup league
  138. Fumbling and RB position