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  1. I see the faiders going 3-13
  2. The pansies are headed for a great big fall . ..
  3. Bolts site
  4. The fall of the mighty Denver Broncos
  5. How Boneheaded Are The Dolphins?
  6. Should we.....
  7. Chiefs
  8. Bernie Kosar
  9. I never took steroids
  10. Broncos are soft!
  11. Perverse Verse: Chargers
  12. Pervese Verse: Raiders
  13. Jets 38 Patriots 0
  14. Denver to stumble again out of the gate!!
  15. Raiders Worked On The "Tatum Bell Drill"
  16. okay so were are the bill fans
  17. Rex Grossman is putrid
  18. Raider Fans - Showing lack of class once again
  19. Pats can't even win it on their own...
  20. This just in......
  21. it's almost time. . .
  22. Yes, more AFC North smack on your board
  23. Who is more pathetic Lions or Cardinals
  24. Another Reason to hate Bill Bellichek
  25. who was the worst number 1 pick overall in NFL History
  26. Who was the worst #2 overall pick?
  27. Patriots' New Logo
  28. The Official Raider Hater Thread
  29. Guess Culpeppers Fumble Count for Sunday!
  30. the old chargers are back
  31. It's a Great Bronco Week When....
  32. Confiscated Patriots Videotapes Contain Extensive Footage Of Tom Brady Showering
  33. Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat
  34. this one's for med. . .
  35. Official My Team Choked Thread.
  36. Leave Herman Alone
  37. Upset(s) of the week
  38. I don't know what other section to put this in.
  39. The State Of Smack.
  40. Is there a big game this weekend?
  41. Upsets of the Week for Week 5
  42. You know its a long season when
  43. I'm Just Speechless----these KC Chiefs Jokes....haha
  44. Who is your all-time fave “Outlaw” sports figure?
  45. Overrated Players in the NFL?
  46. Caption this pic
  47. Upsets of the Week (week 6)
  48. Who has had better meltdowns in Press conferences
  49. Medford Bronco Week 7 Upsets and tidbits
  50. PatsR Guarantees
  51. KFC will implode vs the Raiders
  52. Medford Bronco Week 8 upsets and picks
  53. Belicheat is not only a cheater, he's a first-class jerk
  54. Week 9 picks and upsets
  55. Belicheat is a jerk exhibit #35,587A
  56. Week 9 Picks, Upsets and Tidbits
  57. I love Seattle this week (Rex GROSSman to start)
  58. Week 11 Upsets, Picks and Flamable thread
  59. Norv Turner is a pathetic coach
  60. Caption this Picture
  61. Week 12 Upsets and Selections & Flamable Thread
  62. What team has the most annoying & arrogant Fans??
  63. Week 13 Upsets and Flamable Thread. (go against it and you will win :D)
  64. Derek Anderson telling Matt Stover whats up...
  65. Gods team, the official Boston Herald logo
  66. Why Is Joe Gibbs A Coach!??!??!?!
  67. Joey Harrigton benched in favor of Chris Redman
  68. Hey, why be good when you can be lucky?
  69. Ha Ha Ha
  70. Waaa!!! That old guy called me "Boy"!!!
  71. Meds week 14 flamable picks (go against it and you will win LOL)
  72. Browns @ J-e-t-s jets jets!
  73. What is the largest NFL Point Spead in History (non expansion)?
  74. Bobby Petrino is a fraud
  75. Meds Week 15 Flamable Picks (Remember to go against it :D)
  76. Week 16 Flamable Picks and Upsets go against it :D
  77. Cle Cin
  78. Raiders SUCK
  79. Chiefs Suck
  80. Chargers SUCK
  81. Phillip Rivers...
  82. Colts Suck!
  83. Week 17 of Meds Flamable picks remembet to go against it :D
  84. Hahahha Browns Suck!!!!!!
  85. Did the Chargers catch a BREAK?
  86. If you don't participate in forming the rules, don't complain about them
  87. Video Dedicated to Philip Rivers
  88. Just A Little Freindly Smack For My 2nd Favorite Brownie Fan
  89. Caption THIS
  90. A Real Football Hero
  91. Ravens Suck!
  92. More Original Thread Titles Please
  93. Bill LOLichick
  94. Plaxico Burress is an idiot
  95. Chargers ban half their fan base
  96. 18-1 ain't bad.
  97. Start Kranking Up The Excuse Machine!!!
  98. If he's going to lose, Bill Belichick would rather be elsewhere
  99. Grumpy Old Men .... Lift their glasses once more.
  100. Where are all the Pats fans now
  101. Brady and Moss to miss the Pro Bowl
  102. Attention please.
  103. 5 Stages of Patriots Grief
  104. Does anyone have
  105. Leave Bill Belichick Alone!
  106. Patriots Season Perfect For Rest Of Nation
  107. GEM's Official Throw-Down Thread...
  108. Al Davis
  109. Bill Belichick fashion thread.
  110. Is it wrong to kick Denver while they are down???!
  111. MNF opens with a battle of losers.
  112. You scrubs will get rolled on Sept. 8
  113. Figures my email from donksforums goes right to junk mail...
  114. Nuggets SUCK!
  115. Your Teams' Championships
  116. My Thoughts on Mike Shanahan
  117. Dopiest Fans in the AFC West
  118. What dope smoking bust will Mike draft this time???
  119. The Kansas City Chiefs Ticket Drive
  120. Clady as dumb as a rock! No wonderelic Denver took him !!!
  121. Philip Rivers QB comparison Poll
  122. Please Abuse Philip Rivers Here
  123. Good thing Shanarat can't cut the fans. . .
  124. More money Up in smoke!!!
  125. Who is a bigger piece of Crap?
  126. ColtsOwnDonks
  127. More Colts (co-owners of the donks)
  128. Why Javon Walker decided to play for Oakland......
  129. Who Else is Sleeping with Belicheat?
  130. Cowboys suck
  131. Panthers suck
  132. Every Other Team In The NFL SUCKS.
  133. i suck!
  134. You Guys Suck!
  135. Dear Charger fans....
  136. Sig Bet + 1
  137. How does it feel?
  138. Chiefs are made of poo
  139. Just Whine Baby!!
  140. There's A Bill Belichick Sex Tape? Merciful Jesus, Anoint My Eyes With Clorox
  141. How bad do you think the beat down will be ...
  142. Remember When Pansies Fans Were Gloating Over Chad Jackson?
  143. Upset Special of Week 1
  144. Hats off to the Panthers!!!!
  145. What is with the Rivers hate?
  146. Hats Off to Rayduhhs Fans
  147. Dear DeAngelo Hall...
  148. Broncos Suck
  149. Dolphins suck
  150. Dear Antonio Cromartie,
  151. Here we go again....
  152. Apology to chargers fans
  153. Meds upset specials of the week.
  154. Belichick Foiled by Wild Hog Offense.
  155. For a good time cruise a chargers forum.
  156. A bit late but....Pats fans proven to be bandwagoners
  157. Meds upset special of the week, go against it and you will win
  158. Guess the slide starts early this season. . .
  159. denver sucks
  160. WTE's Greatist Hits
  161. such an outstanding citizen...eh?
  162. Bucs win
  163. Meds upset Special Week 5 (remember if you flip a coin you will do better lol jk)
  164. New Al Davis interview
  165. Colts suck!
  166. Gazoo Martin Grammatica Sucks
  167. Tbc & bou
  168. Redskins SUCK
  169. Where's Pacman?
  170. MNPatsFan and GEM Bet
  171. Lmafo
  172. Caption this Picture
  173. Guarantee
  174. to the Pats fan(s) on this board
  175. AFC West Sucks
  176. Gee, what happened to all the Cutler vs. Rivers threads
  177. Brandon Marshall, what a loser.
  178. Did Kellen Winslow Have a Staph Infection in his hands
  179. The Paint dry game of the week Raiders vs Panthers
  180. Caption this Al Davis Picture
  181. Atlanta Falcon Look-a-likes....
  182. Terrell Davis is a degenerative knee-bum, loser who couldn't hack it.
  183. Official Colts vs. Dolts Smack talk thread
  184. Charger Pond in full meltdown mode
  185. LMAO Part II
  186. Latest Bang cartoon
  187. I want my username back
  188. Charger fans come clean regarding Superstar Rivers
  189. 18-1
  190. Some Charger fans are delusional (Not all)
  191. The Classless Charger Board
  192. Who do you like tonight. I Like Da Bears
  193. Ken Dorsey is worse than Rex Grossman
  194. Psst any Jills fans around here?
  195. Broncos Suck!!!
  196. For all of the marbles
  197. this is a first......
  198. is tied for second in the NFL
  199. To all Chargers... I freaking hate you, but love you too.
  200. SD Will Take Away Division
  201. Why denver will be worse in future
  202. Total Pouty Faces In Game: 2
  203. Rivers on Broncos bench
  204. Marshall Hurt Hand Beating Girlfriend...
  205. Congrats to Sanluis, NortherLights and BOU
  206. to the non-trollish charger fans
  207. MAURICE CLARETT jerseys on sale
  208. Davis Press Conferences > Bowlen Press Conferences
  209. Prayers for the playoffs...
  210. Tonight's game
  211. congrats Chargers
  212. Jay was wrong-Bolts win!
  213. So where's Sloanfeld?
  214. Jake Dellome Sucks
  215. Epic Ownage Abound?
  216. Look alikes
  217. Goooo Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  218. Cassel Gets Pissed On...
  219. Josh McDaniels Reports "It's okay, I had Subway."
  220. Compile Josh McDaniels Nicknames Here
  221. Yup, Jay is not a drama queen
  222. Bill Belicheck sucks
  223. McDaniels, Cutler, try to reconcile, wear same shirt
  224. What does a cured cancer patient and the Bronco's have in common?
  225. Cutler v. Rivers, who is the bigger whiner and cry baby
  226. Josh McDaniels Sucks
  227. Fan definition
  228. Ah, the good old days...when Cutler and Shanny were here...
  229. Deep In The Bowels of Denver.....
  230. BroncosMania Has Gone To Hell in a Hand Basket
  231. Is Bowlen too much of a Yes-Man
  232. oh my jeezus
  233. Kyle Ortons true talent
  234. Kyle Orton Neckbeard Club
  235. Ah another piece of trash Raider back in prison
  236. Nice hoodie Josh!!!??
  237. The Real Debate: Orton vs. Rivers
  238. Josh McDaniels sucks!...
  239. Meds diatribe saying "I want a new contract"
  240. Broncos Brass SUCKS
  241. Crabtree's reaction on the Raiders taking DHB
  242. I challenge you to a fight
  243. OaklandRaiders Smack Thread - merged because they are all the same anyway
  244. Bless You, Raider Trolls
  245. Crickets are chirping
  246. Caption the Photo
  247. The dopiest Troll of all
  248. Smack Forum Discussion going on in Town Hall
  249. Best set of corners in the AFC?
  250. OaklandRaiders...