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  1. Last movie you saw - and rate it
  2. Star Wars ~ The Musical
  3. 3:10 to Uma
  4. Hidden Cinemax/HBO Movie Gems .....
  5. Movie trades
  6. American gangster A+
  7. Beowulf was horrible!
  8. "I Am Legend" and "The Mist"
  9. New Joker Pic from "Dark Knight"
  10. Movie Alphabet Game
  11. Favorite Christmas Movie Quotes
  12. The Bucket List
  13. New "Dark Knight" Trailer!!!!
  14. Nilbog Is Goblin Spelt Backwards!!!
  15. Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
  16. Anyone else see the movie "Juno"?
  17. Favorite Movie Quotes
  18. Have you seen "Freddy Got Fingered"?
  19. Cloverfield
  20. Heath Ledger Dead at age 28
  21. New Rambo
  22. ...in the parlance of our times.
  23. Best Comedic Actor?
  24. There Will Be Blood
  25. Roy Scheider dead at 75
  26. Foreign Films
  27. natural born killers
  28. "The Love Guru"
  29. 3:10 to yuma ending
  30. New Hulk movie pics
  31. This Jedi Master is pretty hot!
  32. New GI Joe Pics
  33. The REAL Homer Simpson
  34. What's the most messed up movie you've ever seen.
  35. Mastershake's Summer Movie Blowout!
  36. Remake of The Karate Kid?
  37. New DARK KNIGHT Trailer
  38. Saw Fans Unite!!!
  39. Movies your looking forward to?
  40. MTV Movie Awards
  41. Standing in the Shadows of Motown
  42. New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer
  43. Iron Man, Spider Man & The Hulk
  44. Wanted?
  45. Dark Knight Prologue
  46. Freddy Krueger would like to bring you....Zombie Strippers!
  47. Dark Knight Thread
  48. Your FAVORITE summer movies!
  49. What movies get a pass from you?
  50. The Dark Knight Returns
  51. Whats up with Batmans voice?
  52. Best James Bond Movie
  53. Worst Movies Ever
  54. Funniest movie?
  55. Terminator 4: Salvation Awesome Movie Poster!
  56. The Chronicles of Narnia
  57. Year End Movies: Your Favorites of 2008!
  58. Watchmen
  59. 6.26.09
  60. R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban
  61. New Star Trek Movie
  62. I just pissed in my pants over this one (figuratively)..
  63. Movies that make you cry..
  64. How pissed am I...
  65. Whatever Happened To?
  66. Best Movies Ever
  67. Underrated Movies..
  68. Beverly Hills Cop IV (2010)
  69. New Tarantino Movie Trailer..
  70. Iron Man II
  71. oh nos! Darth Vader has prostate cancer.
  72. Your favorite martial arts movies?
  73. Incredible "Where the Wild Things Are" Trailer
  74. Ghostbusters III in the works!
  75. 10th Anniversary of the Matrix
  76. What movie character(s) do you relate with?
  77. Michael Bay sucks...
  78. ‘Slumdog’ girl's dad tried to sell her
  79. Slumdog Millionaire -- It's worth watching
  80. Great Scenes
  81. Angels and Demons
  82. David Carradine commits suicide
  83. Your top 10 favorite Werewolf movies?
  84. Your top 10 favorite Vampire movies.
  85. Your Top 10 Zombie Movies
  86. Brüno
  87. Heinous Villains
  88. Movies you hate
  89. Good deal for those who still have HD-DVD's (Well, from Warner Bros. Anyway...)
  90. Favorite Death Scenes
  91. Director John Hughes dead at age 59
  92. Trailer for James Cameron's movie Avatar
  93. Entourage
  94. Best Whuppin' in Cinema
  95. The Blind Side
  96. Movies you never get tired of watching
  97. The Best Movies of the Decade!
  98. Clash of the Titans
  99. The Reef
  100. Favorite movie you saw...on a Tuesday...in Feb...when you were 17...on a kinda-sorta date...and a meteor hit the building...
  101. Worst movies you have seen.
  102. R.I.P. Corey Haim
  103. Your Top 10 Comic Movies
  104. Funny Movie Scenes
  105. Twilight...
  106. Star Wars to Blu Ray in 2011 PLUS Exclusive missing scene from Return of the Jedi
  107. Sexual references in Star Wars (intentional or otherwise)
  108. Let Me In
  109. Godzilla Returns
  110. Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79
  111. Atlas Shrugged
  112. Dark Knight Rises Filming at Heinz Field
  113. The Shining: I dont see what was so bad about Jack
  114. What are some of your favorite movies?
  115. 31 days of fright
  116. Timmy - Everything In Between
  117. Watching British people freak out at the cinema is always fun
  118. Dark Knight Rises Trailer
  119. Goon- Trailer
  120. Red Tails
  121. So I hear they remade Star Wars Episode I
  122. Star Trek
  123. Mortal Kombat- If i could choose the casting
  124. Avengers Thread with Spoilers
  125. 2012 Upcoming attractions
  126. Prometheus Spoilers /Discussion
  127. Buyer Beware - The Fake "IMAX" Screens
  128. Upcoming films based on video games
  129. Actors that I hate.
  130. Spinoff - Characters you absolutely hate
  131. High Ground
  132. immortals.
  133. New Lincoln Trailer
  134. The Man With the Iron Fists (Tarantino Film)
  135. ne1 watch SOA?
  136. Star Wars: Episode VII - IX & Spinoffs Disscussion *SPOILERS INSIDE*
  137. Buff's Elitist Movie Review Thread
  138. Good/Bad movies I've watched lately.
  139. What was the one movie, character or scene that plagued your nightmares as a child?
  140. House of Cards on Netflix
  141. unsere mütter unsere väter
  142. Motion Picture Association to change rating system
  143. Coming soon to a theater near you: China's Communist Party.
  144. oblivion, the movie
  145. Movies You Liked But Can Never Watch Again
  146. Looking for Best Historically Accurate movies
  147. Is he a Super Square? (Superman vs. Iron Man)
  148. Elysium
  149. Bruce Willis Left 'Expendables 3'
  150. Paul Walker Dead at 40
  151. Draft Day - The Movie?
  152. Goonies sequel!
  153. All time top 5 favourite movies
  154. Post your favorite movie scenes.
  155. Poking fun at our favorite, & most disliked movies
  156. Intersteller trailer During SNF
  157. Exodus: Gods and Kings
  158. Kill The Messenger.
  159. Great movies you may not have seen...
  160. Top theater chains cancel 'The Interview' showings
  161. Your list of the worst remakes ever..
  162. Your List of BEST Movie Remakes
  163. New State of the Art Drive-In Theater Coming to Denver
  164. DC/Marvel "Mash Ups"
  165. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  166. Ray Harryhausen Appreciation Thread
  167. Northman's Martial Art Recommendations
  168. Mad Max: Fury Road
  169. Back to the Future turns 30th today!
  170. Alien 5: Concept art released
  171. 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Set for 2020
  172. Revenant
  173. YOUR Best Movies of 2015
  174. We're Wolves! (What We do in the Shadows spinoff)
  175. Deadpool
  176. Darth Maul: Apprentice
  177. Can someone explain the interest people seem to have in Melissa McCarthy?
  178. Fandom is Broken
  179. Alien 5 will have no connection to the 3rd and 4th sequels.
  180. The DC & Marvel Universes and All Things Involved
  181. Remake Hell
  182. Guardians (Russia's answer to The Avengers)
  183. 31 Days of Horror
  184. This movie deserves its own thread.
  185. Your Top Movies 2016
  186. Matt Damon
  187. Your favorite movies
  188. Rip Bill Paxton
  189. Director Brett Ratner makes claim that Rotten Tomatoes is hurting the movie business
  190. All Things Star Trek
  191. New Star Wars... I don't want to go in the spoiler thread so just tell me YES or NO if you liked it
  192. Your Top Movies of 2017
  193. Colin Trevorrow fired from Star Wars: Episode IX due to disagreements over The Last Jedi
  194. Rambo V
  195. Cobra Kai
  196. My favorite movie
  197. ‘Glass’ First Look: M. Night Shyamalan Brings ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ Together For a Trilogy 18 Years in the Making
  198. Rank your top 5 Vampire movies of all time
  199. Rank your top 5 Werewolf movies of all time
  200. Rank your top 5 Zombie Movies
  201. Rank your top 5 alien movies
  202. go spacey
  203. Create your own Remake/Reboot
  204. The Matrix 4
  205. The Crow: 25 years later
  206. Favorite flicks
  207. Clint Eastwood seeks to restore Atlanta bomb hero's legacy
  208. The Star Wars and Disney hate thread.
  209. Best pointless character ever?
  210. Movie franchises you'd like to see (novels, comics, etc.)
  211. Movies that arent critically acclaimed but you cant stop watching over and over
  212. So bad they're good
  213. The Ring - on Netflix - 20 years later
  214. Quentin Tarantino is full blown clinically goofy
  215. Top 3 movies per genre
  216. Who is your Movie Spirit Animal
  217. Vocal control in movies
  218. Movies you want to see get made
  219. Movie Scenes That Led To Lawsuits
  220. Top 10 underrated, deep-cut, from-the-vault, unknown gems
  221. RIP Deebo.
  222. Mortal Kombat!!!!!!!!!!!!