Dreadnoughts album

  1. nancy and Phoebe at the brook
  2. Phoebe and I at our Yurt
  3. The damned trail I hauled that stupid cooler up
  4. Nancy at falls Brook
  5. My wife and daughter as a newborn.  I love this pic of Mrs D.
  6. My brother and his wife, Lancaster PA, 2008.  He had knee replacement surgery 2 weeks prior
  7. Mrs. D, Nancy, and Phoebe the dog in Lancaster PA, July 2008
  8. There is an old expression my Grandmother used to use, when she'd describe someone as "Lazy as a Cat". I think she meant this
  9. Nancy at age 4 - first dance recital
  10. Shakespeare, Nancy's cat.  He is named after a Meerkat on "Meerkat Manor"...she has never heard of the English playwrite.
  11. Nancy asleep on the couch w/ her cat, 7/6/08.
  12. Augustus, Mrs. Dreadnought's cat.  This fat blob is well over 20 pounds.
  13. Leopold.  The success of the Broncos in 2008 depends on his health, even more than Ryan Clady's development or the implementation of a decent...
  14. 2008 June 21 Nancy says goodbye to the car she rode home from the Hospital in
  15. 2008 June 21 - Equestrian Nancy riding "Pearl"
  16. 2008 June 21  Mrs Dreadnought laughing, probably at me!
  17. Dad and Nancy this Spring, with me in an Old School Bronco sweatshirt
  18. 2008 June 21 - Taking my daughter Horseback Riding
  19. 2008 June 21 - last day for the Old 98 Volvo.  Today I joined the ranks of minivan owners... 
Note the 00 and 04 GW Bush Bumper Stickers, which...
  20. Nancy and Phoebe - little girls like to dress their animals
  21. Nancy in tree - just a great pic, IMO
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