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Thread: Implemented: New Guidelines On Allowed/Disallowed Words and Acronyms

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    Default Implemented: New Guidelines On Allowed/Disallowed Words and Acronyms

    Remember, these guidelines do not override any existing rules. Meaning, even if a word or acronym is allowed in general, it does not allow you to disregard the rules that prohibit personal attacks or sexually explicit/graphic comments.

    Here are the new guidelines.

    1. If a word is censored, meaning if you type a word that the message board automatically replaces with ****, it is NOT allowed to to use characters like !, @, etc. to get around the profanity filter, nor can you add a smiley to the end of a censored word or use any other trick to get around the profanity filter.
    2. It is allowed for a member to type a censored word and let the profanity filter substitute **** for it. This will be seen as the equivalent of beeping or bleeping out bad words on TV/radio.
    3. Acronyms that are allowed: WTH, WTF, FUBAR, SNAFU, LMAO, LMFAO, ROFLMAO, ROFLMFAO, BS, SOB
    4. Acronyms that are not allowed: S.T.F.U., F.U.
    5. This guideline will not list specific words that have been approved or disapproved. If the profanity filter replaces a word with ****, do not use any variation of that word, nor alter it to get it past the filter. If a moderator tells you a word or word variation is not allowed, do not use it.
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