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Thread: Truck attack in Manhattan being investigated as terrorism

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    Default Truck attack in Manhattan being investigated as terrorism

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    Effing school zones suck. It's only a matter of time before I get nailed in one.

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    ******* scumbag
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    Luckily I'm really stupid.

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    I think attacks such as these will happen with greater and greater frequency. It's unfortunate, but this is the world we live in right now. I do believe they will continue to happen at a much higher rate in Europe than here, but they will increase here as well. We do need to make some serious changes to our immigration system, but even that won't stop it, might not even slow it down.

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    Pretty good read here:

    The European example shows us that the tightest gun control, dramatic restrictions on civil liberties, and surveillance states far more intrusive than that in the United States can’t stop terrorists determined to kill the innocent. It’s simply misguided to focus the defense against terror on the means of committing murder. We must focus instead on limiting the population of potential terrorists, defeating their sources of inspiration, and fostering a culture that fully assimilates immigrants into the American body politic.

    First, as the European experience demonstrates, it is a sad fact that importing large numbers of immigrants from jihadist-dominated regions allows for the creation of distinct subcultures where the jihadist message can spread and flourish. America has been largely spared the violence we see overseas, in large part because we have not flung open our borders in the same way as our European allies. There are simply smaller numbers of potential terrorists in the United States.

    Read more at:

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