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Thread: Nirvana - GAH Week 12 - 1.28.23

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    I hope not!!

    A roll of quarters is kinda small!!!
    I was told it was average!

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    One of their best recordings, IMO.

    “When we do find that guy, we’ve got to have the continuity on the offensive side to where we can train him and develop him and get him there. This is our fourth offense in probably three or four years. Quarterbacks need to be developed. You don’t find one ready-made. We got to have a solid system in place for when we do go after whatever guy it may be, a young guy or a trade or whatnot.”
    - John Elway

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    I, officially, protest any pending judgment in this competition based on lack of sample. Now, cases could made for several bands, however I will advocate for the hall of farmer's that are Greenday. I demand bacon give them and their almost 40 year catalog a fair shot. I hereby submit a semi 2022 Rio show and a personal fav clip to the judgement of the masses.
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    All must hail NostraTimmy!
    Quote Originally Posted by chazoe60 View Post
    Nostratimmy was right again. All hail nostratimmy.
    Quote Originally Posted by MOtorboat View Post
    I’m the hobbit.

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