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Thread: Do We Really Want to Become the Walmart of the NFL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanInAZ View Post
    What make you think Mr. Walmart does know how the business of football works any better than Snyder did when he came in and paid big money to a bunch of over the hill has beens? Just because he knows how to make max profit in discount retail because his daddy told him how doesn’t prove he knows how to build a SB winning team.
    What were Pat Bowlen’s qualifications to run an NFL team?

    Pat also wanted to be like the Rooneys, except Pat’s idiot kids couldn’t figure out how to work together. So, here we are.

    You are awarded no points and may God have mercy on your soul!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Day1BroncoFan View Post
    I'm happier than tom brady in a gay bar....

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