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Thread: Major League Baseball passes significant rules changes including pitch clock, banning defensive shifts

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    Default Major League Baseball passes significant rules changes including pitch clock, banning defensive shifts

    Major League Baseball passed a sweeping set of rules changes it hopes will fundamentally overhaul the game, voting Friday to implement a pitch clock and ban defensive shifts in 2023 to hasten the game's pace and increase action.

    The league's competition committee, composed of six ownership-level representatives, four players and one umpire, approved a pitch clock of 15 seconds with empty bases and 20 seconds with runners on, a defensive alignment that must include two fielders on each side of the second-base bag with both feet on the dirt as well as rules limiting pickoff moves and expanding the size of bases.

    The vote was not unanimous. Player representatives voted no on the shift and pitch-clock portions of changes.

    Long tested in the minor leagues, the pitch clock, when strictly enforced, has significantly accelerated the speed of games. Minor league games this season have consistently clocked in at under 2 hours, 30 minutes -- a time seen by many as ideal -- and average game times have settled a little over it.
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    I'm still interested in watching major league games.

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    The rules in Major League Baseball have not changed much. Each team has certain goals for the game. The goal of the offensive team is to score more runs than the opponent. The idea is for the batter to hit a ball thrown by the pitcher as far as possible to get at least one base without being struck out by the opponent. But wounds are only earned if the batter gets around all the bases and comes home. Sometimes I watch games on TV with my dad. But I like lacrosse better, so I often miss baseball games. I recently bought the best lacrosse rebounder. Now I can practice at home after work.
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