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Thread: 2022 Rules changes

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    Default 2022 Rules changes

    Owners agreed to change overtime rules but only for playoff games. Regular season will remain unchanged, if you score a TD the game is over, a FG and your opponent gets a chance to match. In the playoffs each team will get at least one possession, after that first possession next score wins.

    The second approved change makes the rule established last year regarding the way players must line up on kickoffs permanent

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    Good grief.

    For a bunch of rich guys, they are pretty ******* stupid.

    What stupid way to handle it.
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    I'm ok with the overtime playoff rules.

    They need to get rid of the taunting emphasis BS. And they need to find an onside kick alternative imo.

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    The change to OT rules bugs me because what happened to an NFL team being good at ALL three phases of the game? IMO, the existing rule is fine because the team that loses the coin toss just need to f***ing play well on special teams and defense to STOP the team that won the coin toss. Now, the team that loses the coin toss can defer, play poorly on special teams by giving up a TD return or play poorly on defense by allowing the offense to score a TD, and they still have an opportunity to get the ball on offense. That makes no sense whatsoever??
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    Yea, pretty dumb, this is the equivalent of a participation trophy. The sport is getting more and more watered down and less reliant on actually being able to stop the opposing team. Just stupid at this point.

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    Why not just have them keep playing in the post season? pretty simple... no sudden death rules, no everyone gets a chance, just play more football.


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