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They did develop him. He had an entire rookie season to learn the game, sit in QB rooms, etc. Prepare the mental game. Then he had a year of playing. And this is the disconnect. It's not that Lock shouldn't have had another shot because he struggled. It's because he did more than struggle, he was literally blow-for-blow at the bottom of the league. Literally, I cannot stress this enough, literally, one of the worst QB's in the league. And he did that in a season where the class he came in with largely flourished or was solid (Murray and Minshew) and flat out rookies outplayed him (Burrow and Herbert). He had no excuse to be that bad. None.

So when he gets another camp and a legitimate battle for the job, how is that not developing him? He's in season three. A lot of teams would have flat out cut him, let alone keep him, let alone give him a shot at the job.

Where is the malfeasance? Where is the so-called negligence? You're seeing first round QB's get less of a shot than Lock has had. Miami almost traded Tua in the offseason and almost moved on from him in season. And that guy is just as gifted as Lock is and waaay more advanced between the ears.

I think what the Lock crew has failed to understand is that at a certain point you no longer are worth investing in. Drew Lock probably hit that point in year two, and definitely hit that point in the QB battle. If there was any doubt left it died this regular season. He is flat out unplayable.

Why would the coaches eschew a legitimate chance at making the playoffs for Lock? Why does he get to take the franchise hostage and 'develop', regress, suck, and get the benefit of the doubt? Why should Fangio and company basically sacrifice their jobs for a second round QB?
Ok cool, got it.

Trevor Lawrence shouldn't get any more time to develop since he's one of the worst QBs in the league and the Jags should bring in Teddy next year.
I mean, Trevor has had almost a WHOLE YEAR to prove it.