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Thread: Tebow retires from baseball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northman View Post
    And yet you are wasting your time on a messageboard, you should probably fly to Cancun or something....
    Don’t you LoL my friend!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FanInAZ View Post
    In my reality, I just had a multi-billionaire relative pass away and leave me his entire estate.
    Sorry that I haven’t check in for a while. In my reality, the NFL actually cares enough about the quality of their product that they force owners to sell due to incompetence resulting in prolonged futility. I’ve been in contact with the league to use this rule to get them to force the Bowlen Brats to sell on the grounds their refusal to play nicely with each other makes it impossible for them to co-own the team. Unfortunately, the league hasn’t aligned itself with my reality and so they won’t sell the team to me. Maybe I need to find my way into 1 of those Star Teck or Stargate alternative universes.
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