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Thread: Fumbling and RB position

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    Quote Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
    Would not the RBs TDs scored and overall production (total yards) not factor into this?

    Extremem example but if there was a RB that scored guaranteed at least 2 tds per game (there was LT) and lets just say that he fumbled 1x per game as well (lost and returned for a TD). The RBs net is still a positive 7 points.

    As you mentioned when games can be won or lost on 3 points. If the points are positive should they not outweigh or be factored in.

    (Its about time for Melvin to fumble. I have a feeling 2 of them may be on deck sadly)
    Sure, a RB can add value with all the other stuff they do, but it should be compared to a sort of 'replacement level' or league average. As far as I know, there's no such thing as a 'nose for the end zone', so I don't think actual TD production matters that much. But maybe.

    But yeah, if a RB's production is well above average, that goes in the plus column. Pass protection, etc. Heck, good pass pro might stop a strip sack and so on, and that should matter.

    I'm not saying I have any clear answers, except that we should factor in ball security traits probably more than we realize.
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    Considering that RB's should be strong enough and disciplined enough to fumble rarely, it's a precursor.

    Look at Tiki Barber's career.

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