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Thread: P&R Rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by GEM View Post
    The problem with RINO is that it was used multiple times directed at one poster and then when the rules changed it was used in general. So to avoid the BS, it was listed in the rules along with TDS and other such words as that sent a lot of posters over the edge. We decided to remove some of the words that were some people's triggers and caused them to react negatively.
    It was most definitely not listed in the rules and that’s my beef. TDS was listed. Which I didn’t use. RINO was not. Again, just read it and say it out loud. One of the members got forcefully removed from a politics forum for using the word RINO. Not even totalitarian Twitter Facebook Google YouTube is doing that during their Orwellian purge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aberdien View Post
    I personally find some aspects of the new rules to be a little oversensitive, so I understand Atwater's frustration. However, I am totally okay with the mods and these rules, because this is not my message board and because I would rather be a little less snarky and abrasive in the way I talk politics to people on here and have it still exist than have to return to Bmania which is pretty much a total No Fun Zone.
    It may be oversensitive but in my observations they are still trigger words that get people riled up. Dont know how many times ive seen people complain because Tned uses the word TDS in regards to them. Thats why the mods have had to crack down on the words themselves because people are to easily triggered by them. And to be fair to them it seems to have worked as i havent noticed any flaming or name calling the last few days in there.

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