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Thread: Will there be a 2020 NFL season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davii View Post
    That's a far cry from "getting away with murder".

    Such is life. Antonio Brown had three chances within a year and squandered them all, there's also more to that story than "substance abuse".

    I'm not sticking up for Irsay, he's a turd, but being the guy that writes the checks, or being the BFF of the guy who writes the check, means something.
    Amended it for you. This shouldn't be true, but it is.

    I'm not going to defend Brown, but he's just the lasted example of players not being told what the penalty for their actions until another team signs them, making teams more reluctant to sign him in a year that's already being racked by unprecedented uncertainty. Not wanting to defend Kareem Hunt, but Goodell did the same thing to him. I can't help but wonder who will challenge this policy with a civil suit that I'm sure Goodell & the league would loose.
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    Any lawsuit challenging that would be thrown out immediately because players, their contracts and their discipline are subject to a collective bargaining agreement. Heís able to put down a punishment for a player even when heís a free agent because of the CBA.

    The league does not have the same ability to punish an owner. Itís not the same thing, and really canít be compared.

    The only example I can think of comes from the NBA, where Donald Sterling was effectively banned from the NBA by a vote of the other owners, which ultimately led to him having to sell the team. But again, he owns the team, so he and his family still received the profit from the sale.

    I guess the other that now comes to mind was Marge Schott, who was banned by the other owners and was also forced to sell her team.
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    I love the Shitgun.

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