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Thread: PC build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freyaka View Post

    That's the desk I built for my room. Going to be rather nice, it's also high enough off the ground I can raise my monitor up and stand if I want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneFalco View Post
    He has to get out of that nice comfortable chair to get his coke, can of some other drink, spare game controller, headphones, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canmore View Post
    I'm waiting until next year to build.
    I had tax money and figured "why not" I am a few months in and I love it. I spend most of my time playing this game called Elite Dangerous with my flight stick and throttle setup. Not much this thing can't handle so far. (really not anything)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneFalco View Post
    Were I single maybe

    If I did something like that I would for sure be single again since this is in my bedroom.

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