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Thread: NFL and Kaepernick are done with each other

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    Default NFL and Kaepernick are done with each other

    Best for both parties. Neither were getting out of it that they wanted so good luck to Kap and his activism.

    In the wake of a league-arranged workout for Kaepernick in November that, predictably, fell apart amid finger-pointing between the quarterback and his onetime employer, Goodell said Kaepernick is in the league’s rearview mirror. “This was … about creating an opportunity,” Goodell said in response to reporters’ questions about last month’s scheduled event in Atlanta that Kaepernick canceled at the last minute following multiple disagreements between the sides. “It was a unique opportunity – an incredible opportunity – and he chose not to take it. I understand that. And we have moved on.”

    The NFL was as interested in evaluating Kaepernick’s mindset about rejoining a roster as it was in gauging his ability to still make all the throws on the route tree. On the former, Kaepernick provided the wrong answer by pushing back against the league’s workout parameters, rendering his still-impressive arm strength moot. The NFL learned what it truly deemed most important: If let back in, Kaepernick would come only on his terms. And for the league, that is a nonstarter.

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