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Thread: The Iraq War veteran turned college football walk-on at Colorado State

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    Default The Iraq War veteran turned college football walk-on at Colorado State

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Joshua Griffin is running a few minutes behind schedule, which is unusual for him, but understandable. An early-morning weightlifting session is a must to stay in shape during the football season, as is the extra time required in an ice bath afterward. His muscles and joints just don't bounce back like they used to, so he's vigilant when it comes to staving off inflammation. Some of his Colorado State teammates have taken to calling him Bengay because he rubs the stuff all over his body.

    When the junior running back does leave the football facility, he hurries across the street to an on-campus dining hall to rejoin his teammates, many of whom have already finished their breakfast. He's a little fidgety as he gives an interview, pushing around a handful of wobbly hard-boiled eggs on his plate. A reporter has joined him today, and the attention is unsettling since he's always been one to do his job and get out of harm's way.

    Look around, he says, diverting attention elsewhere.

    Look around and see all the other stories worth telling.
    rest, plus video -

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