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Thread: Hold everything: Offensive infraction up 66% YOY

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    Default Hold everything: Offensive infraction up 66% YOY

    NFL officials threw 96 flags for offensive holding in Week 2, the most in a single week since at least the start of the 2012 season. The spike results from a yearlong point of emphasis that has dramatically impacted the start of this season.

    The flurry of flags brought this season's two-week total for offensive holding calls to 178, a 66% increase from the same time period last season. It has also powered a 16.2% increase in total penalties compared to Weeks 1-2 of last season.

    The previous high for offensive holding calls in a single week since 2012 was 94, set during a one-week point of emphasis in Week 13 last season. Prior to that, NFL officials did not throw more than 66 flags for offensive holding in a single week.
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    Weird. I did not see Fangio getting flagged for holding chubb and Miller back
    made you look haha

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    Offensive holding calls are up but Miller and Chubb production is down. It doesn't square.

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    Yes, holding calls are up this year, and so is roughing penalties on the QB and defenseless receiver.

    And Garrett Bolles still has more than twice as many holding penalties as any other lineman in the NFL. It's not even close. He thinks he's being picked on.

    This AM I heard Jake Plummer on the radio talking about how they need to tie Bolles' wrists with rope or something so that he has to keep his hands inside the DL's frame in practice so that in games he does not not grab jersey. If it comes to that, I think the dude is hopeless.

    They just brought up Jake Rogers to the active roster so that (according to Fangio at his presser yesterday) they don't have to move Dalton Risner to T which would create 2 weaknesses at OL by weakening the G position in order to fix one. That way if they have to replace Bolles at T they could at least just put Rogers at LT and have a TE in to give him help on every play.

    That's far from ideal and they probably can't win with that setup, but it's still better than 5 holding calls a game.

    ANd Fangio, in an incredible statement at his presser stated that Bolles needs to listen to his coaching better. I.e. dude is resisting accepting what the coaches are telling him. He thinks he's fine and can't understand why he's getting all these holding calls. Has a mental block or something where he thinks the refs are picking on him because he has a reputation, and that all the criticism is unfair.

    Total denial of reality if that's the case.

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    Looks like Stink is right: "OL Jesus couldn't fix this dude."

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    i blame garrett bolles. . .
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