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Thread: The Broncos restructure Joe Flacco’s contract

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davii View Post
    It does, however, make me wonder what Elway is planning to do with the 13 million he just freed up this year.
    Yeah that's the far more intriguing angle here. Hopefully a corner and/or o-lineman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davii View Post
    It does, however, make me wonder what Elway is planning to do with the 13 million he just freed up this year.
    roll it over to next year, most likely. . . that makes the most sense, barring an unlikely scenario where we could get a talented young player at a position of need. . .
    “When we do find that guy, we’ve got to have the continuity on the offensive side to where we can train him and develop him and get him there. This is our fourth offense in probably three or four years. Quarterbacks need to be developed. You don’t find one ready-made. We got to have a solid system in place for when we do go after whatever guy it may be, a young guy or a trade or whatnot.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davii View Post
    Or he could be a backup.

    Add Flacco and Lock together and we're still less than many starting QBs make alone.
    Of course you are right. His dead cap hit next year would be $13.6m. A lot, but if the team tanks they will have a ton of cap room from parting ways with Emanuel Sanders, Derek Wolfe and Chris Harris. They are likely to lose all three to FA anyway. You could add Von Miller to the list if they have to rebuild from scratch after a 6-10 season or something.

    NFL Contracts: Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Demanding $40 Million Annually?

    Dak probably won't get $40m, but more like somewhere around $117m guaranteed, or $7m more than what Jared Goff's contract. Perhaps $33m a year. That's what really GOOD starting QBs get. $18.5m is now chump change for a starting QB.

    When the Chiefs have to redo Pat Mahomes' deal it will easily top $40m a year.

    The Broncos can absolutely cut Flacco if it doesn't work out with him. They would take a cap hit, but they can easily afford it.

    On the other hand they can make Flacco a backup if Drew Lock impresses this season. Elway would like to have Flacco around for another 3 years, but that might not work out, and nothing has really changed as a result of this deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canmore View Post
    Someone who can cover a tight end?

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