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Thread: Mlb 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buff View Post
    I could never cheer for another team. My allegiances are in my bones. The Rockies aren't even the worst of it for me -- being loyal to the CU Buffs has caused me more misery than all of my other teams combined.

    But with pro teams like the Bengals and Browns, who are truly inept, I wonder how those fans keep their sanity. The Rockies are pretty lowly, but at least we have that NL Pennant in my lifetime.
    Maybe it was a little before your time, but those Bill McCartney teams are some of my favorite college sports memories.
    Quote Originally Posted by Day1BroncoFan View Post
    I'm happier than tom brady in a gay bar....

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    Maybe it was a little before your time, but those Bill McCartney teams are some of my favorite college sports memories.
    I wish I was a few years older because I don't remember the national championship year. The Kordell Stewart era is my first memory of being a Buffs fan and what pulled me in. I remember where I was the day Bill McCartney retired.

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    My childhood was so weird and itinerant no allegiance really stuck. I was partial to Seattle teams but then kind of Nor Cal teams and then I stopped caring about sports completely when I went to the Academy--including caring over much about AF football (we can't recruit the best players??). Then training and overseas for the next seven years...there was a 10 year chunk of not caring about or following any sports at all.

    When I returned stateside to C-Springs I latched onto the Broncos. That's probably the only team I feel that way about, although lately I feel like that about the Avs. But I was never a big hockey guy, so that's a new one on me.

    Love baseball, and I know exactly that feeling--that's how I felt in middle school and high school about the A's, needing to follow every inning of every game.
    Quote Originally Posted by UnderArmour View Post
    Jeudy looked pissed to be drafted by us, and I mean that in a good way. He didn't expect to see Ruggs, who he completely outperformed at Alabama, be drafted before him.

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