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Thread: Fire Vic Fangio

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    wait. . . signing a guy who's hurt all the time is an ideal situation? I think we just did that. . . I'd throw a high pick at it, sign the best vet we can get who isn't all banged up, and let munchak pick a late round developmenal guy to compete with Wilkinson as the emergency tackle. . .
    “When we do find that guy, we’ve got to have the continuity on the offensive side to where we can train him and develop him and get him there. This is our fourth offense in probably three or four years. Quarterbacks need to be developed. You don’t find one ready-made. We got to have a solid system in place for when we do go after whatever guy it may be, a young guy or a trade or whatnot.”
    - John Elway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
    Here’s how ya do it.

    LT; draft Thomas, sign Cordy Glenn and draft Hakeem Adeniji later rounds.


    RG; Draft Wirfs, sign Glenn/Osemele and draft Jedrick Wills in the 3rd.

    Thomas and Wirfs can/should play right away.
    Glenn and Osemele can play multiple positions, Glenn can play 4.
    Adeniji has starter traits to develop as a backup.
    Jedrick Wills can play right away too but might last to the 3rd, he/Wirfs/Osemele are Ju’Waun James Insurance (three players that can start at 2 positions).

    Nowhere in there do you see a Sam Jones, Elijah Wilkinson, Jake Rodgers, Austin Schlottmen or Calvin Anderson. Wilkinson is the ideal 9th offensive lineman, tons of playing experience but someone you can sign to a series of 1-year-deals because nobody is beating down his door to make him a starter. The rest are scrubs, nobody’s answer to anything.

    The Broncos need to stop smelling their own rank bullshit, if Jake Rodgers is the best you can do then you suck.
    I prefer your plan to Elway's plan. I don't know if those exact players are the ones to draft, but they gotta do something about this crap.

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