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Thread: So, it will be between Saquon Barkley and Philip Lindsay

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogfish View Post
    okay, let's maybe pump the brakes just a little bit. . .
    Not just fans are saying that, Nate Burleson said it yesterday. The talk is out there.
    Its called DEFWU, Dont ever f*** with us,' Wolfe concluded of just what it is with this team. We arent going to go looking for a fight, but if you want a fight, were gonna fight you.

    I miss Nut...
    AGap - 09-18-2010 07:41 AM
    GEM, you have been a real dik lately.
    AGap - 11-28-2010 12:59 PM
    why don't you and Eric Decker get married or something. Peace out bitch (j/k)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GEM View Post
    Not just fans are saying that, Nate Burleson said it yesterday. The talk is out there.
    What did Burleson day?

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    Barkley was the #2 pick of the draft and he has slightly more yards. Lindsay was undrafted. Who the Hell do you think the East Coast writers are going to give it to? Unless Barkley breaks an ankle or something he's going to win due to expectations.

    It doesn't matter though. Lindsay is going to be a very good back for a while in this league.

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    Averaging nearly 1ypc more has to play into it. Who has more touchdowns? Are the Giants in playoff contention?

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    Lindsey has less touches/catches but has a higher average. His impact to the broncos as a team that could sneak into the playoffs will come into the discussion as well for offensive rookie of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
    Averaging nearly 1ypc more has to play into it. Who has more touchdowns? Are the Giants in playoff contention?
    YOU are basing it on pure statistics. "Lindsay has a higher yards per attempt average!" Here's how the AP does their award:

    1989 Barry Sanders Running back Detroit Lions [38]
    1990 Emmitt Smith Running back Dallas Cowboys [39]
    1991 Leonard Russell Running back New England Patriots [40]
    1992 Carl Pickens Wide receiver Cincinnati Bengals [41]
    1993 Jerome Bettis Running back Los Angeles Rams [42]
    1994 Marshall Faulk Running back Indianapolis Colts [43]
    1995 Curtis Martin Running back New England Patriots [44]
    1996 Eddie George Running back Houston Oilers [45]
    1997 Warrick Dunn Running back Tampa Bay Buccaneers [46]
    1998 Randy Moss Wide receiver Minnesota Vikings [47]
    1999 Edgerrin James Running back Indianapolis Colts [48]
    2000 Mike Anderson Running back Denver Broncos [49]
    2001 Anthony Thomas Running back Chicago Bears [50]
    2002 Clinton Portis Running back Denver Broncos [51]
    2003 Anquan Boldin Wide receiver Arizona Cardinals [52]
    2004 Ben Roethlisberger Quarterback Pittsburgh Steelers [53]
    2005 Cadillac Williams Running back Tampa Bay Buccaneers [54]
    2006 Vince Young Quarterback Tennessee Titans [55]
    2007 Adrian Peterson Running back Minnesota Vikings [56]
    2008 Matt Ryan Quarterback Atlanta Falcons [57]
    2009 Percy Harvin Wide receiver Minnesota Vikings [58]
    2010 Sam Bradford Quarterback St. Louis Rams [59]
    2011 Cam Newton Quarterback Carolina Panthers [60]
    2012 Robert Griffin III Quarterback Washington Redskins [61]
    2013 Eddie Lacy Running back Green Bay Packers [62]
    2014 Odell Beckham Jr. Wide receiver New York Giants [63]
    2015 Todd Gurley Running back St. Louis Rams [64]
    2016 Dak Prescott Quarterback Dallas Cowboys [65]
    2017 Alvin Kamara Running back New Orleans Saints [5]
    That's a list of previous winners. To the writers it means "we're putting you in the path of someone like Edgerrin James or Clinton Portis or Adrian Peterson. In short, just because you rush for 1,200 yards or something doesn't mean they automatically give it to you.

    There's this mystical thing about "most valuable" which could mean anything or nothing at all other than a bunch of Eastern, New York, Boston, DC media with the addition of the Chicago, and LA & SF media. Their opinions are focused on those teams they see regularly like the Giants.

    Or on the West coast, the 49ers & Raiders. The Broncos are just invisible to these people. Nobody thought the Broncos would compete for anything this season, and after the slow start the team went 3-6. At that point, they became dead to the media.

    I would listen to national sports shows and weeks would go by and the word "Broncos" would not be mentioned outside of perhaps "The Houston Texans beat the Broncos yesterday, extending their winning streak." And that's all they say about the Broncos.

    Nobody is paying attention. Sure a few TV guys who've actually seen a Broncos game are aware of what Lindsay is doing, but the NY Media? It might as well be happening on Mars for all the impact it has to them.

    Maybe they get calls from fantasy owners asking what round to pick this Lindsay guy, maybe not.

    But, they all know Saquon Barkley, those AP voters. They all predicted he would be great, and wrote stories for their NY Newspapers about how great he would become. And now they can vote for him and make their predictions come true.

    And then they can go back to their NY editors and do a column about how their prediction of Barkley's greatness has come true since he just won the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Award.

    Who do you think they will vote for?

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    From my perspective "Undrafted, Unhearalded Underdog Wins AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Award!" has a nice human interest story feel to it. But, to those AP guys it would be the equivalent of "Boy! Did We Screw Up! How Did We Miss This Guy?" Because none of them had any more interest in him going into the draft than every NFL team that ignored him and didn't even have him on their draft board.

    You can bet if the dude gets 1200 yards, some NFL GMs are going to have talks with their scouting departments asking "Just how did we miss this guy? We didn't even have him on our board and he's rushing for over 1,200 yards his rookie season and ten, twelve TDs? We need to figure out how a guy like this could sneak past us so that doesn't happen again."

    A team needs RB help, and their owner has to ask, "how come we didn't draft that guy in the 7th round. Who did we pick anyway?" And the GM has to answer "Some Dude. We had to cut him in training camp. Not on the practice squad."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
    Id trade a first round pick and half this team for Barkley.
    I think you are just trying to pull our legs and rile people up, however on the off chance you is serious... are you high?! Running backs in the nfl are like Michael Jackson s family members, you can randomly swap their heads and no one would know the difference. Too much of a backs job is reliant upon how well those around him are playing, a great running back cant turn a team around like a great qb can. In short giving up the farm for one is dumb, see Ricky Williams as an example, and you cant build a team around one. What you can build on is spirit, determination and a fire for winning, Lindsey brings a surplus these qualities and is rookie of the year because of that. I win woot!
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    Running backs in the nfl are like Michael Jackson ‘s family members, you can randomly swap their heads and no one would know the difference.
    I'm sorry, but this is just nonsense. Put Tito's head on Janet's body and people would definitely notice the difference!

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