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Thread: Red Dead Redemption 2

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    Red dead Redemption.. The game of the century! This game has a lot of realistic details where u should think before act. Also, I'm kinda interested in the RDR multiplayer since it reminds me of CS: GO because of the tactical thinking. Actually, in order to raise the character lvl in RDR is less difficult than it's for the Counter-Strike since I noticed that CS: GO ranking requires a lot of personal time in order to raise the rank. The guys from the cs boost service require not too much money but can do the work pretty quick. I wonder if there's a similar thing with RDR...
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    I don't like Red Dead Redemption 2 I am more with rocket league, does someone play? Because I am a big fan but I don't have a friend with whom to play. I am sure that if you play with someone it's much more interesting. Also, I do some trades with skins in rocket league and I can learn somebody how to do good rocket league trading. In the beginning, it was hard for me too because I didn't know any site that can help you and give you additional information about skin's cost but now I have all baggage of knowledge on how to trade.
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    someone played? indeed
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    someone played? indeed
    He sounds like an O'Driscol
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    Timmy's right
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    Nostratimmy was right again. All hail nostratimmy.
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    Iím the hobbit.

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