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Thread: The RUN Game

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    168 pounds on the grounds.

    Gotta say our defensive line did a fantastic job today.

    Oaklands oline is one of if not best in conference.
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    Well, 168 yards and two TDs on the ground is a pretty good indication that the running game is OK.

    And if Keenum could ever stop throwing picks in every game we would be in a lot better shape in the first half.

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    WTH Booker still gets on the Field i do not know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnderArmour View Post
    I think it's time to promote Lindsay to RB1 on the depth chart.
    Normally I'd hi-5 something like this, but the reasons why I don't are:

    1. Don't put the workload expectation on the undersized guy--kinetic energy is kinetic energy, and every NFL player can generate ridiculous kinetic energy
    2. I care about the production, not the prestige, and so does everyone else
    3. Keep him as a secret weapon (yeah right) buried on the depth chart
    4. The chip on his shoulder is a real thing

    But he's already proven to me he's the #1 RB on this team. I don't think it's that close, either. Maybe let it ride until it gets to where you can't ignore it, then you do it for decency's sake.
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    We canít expect Freeman to beat an 8 man box.

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