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Thread: klis: If Kelly not promoted, competition is rigged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    I thought last season's motto was "no winning"?
    Let's hope it isn't Vance Joseph's permanent motto.

    Things are not going in a good direction right now. The pass defense is looking a lot worse without Talib, Joe Woods isn't great compared with Wade, the first team offense still can't tie their own shoes, and Vance isn't a great head coach. RT is not looking great. For the fifth year in a row, they are basically hoping that re-treads can shore up their T situation and so far it's not happening.

    And we don't have a QB like Peyton who can bail out a bunch of stiffs. Case is basically Kyle Orton. If everyone around him is great, and the coaching is great, then he can have good success. If not, then he will struggle.

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    In 2018, he would count for $3.18M in dead money with $600,000 in cap space lost. That’s because the Broncos would be on the hook for his base salary of $1.3M. In 2019, he has $600,000 in fully guaranteed salary due but the remainder is not, so he would account for $1.27M in dead money in 2019.
    That is why they are working the phones trying to trade him, but Adam Schefter insists Paxton has zero trade value. I have to think that some team would make him some kind of offer if they didn't have to give up anything real for him.

    Some team could offer a player they might cut in a couple of weeks and agree to pay his bonus money, with the Broncos eating his base salary. But, that team could just wait until he becomes a FA and then pick him up. The problem is that the Broncos could hold onto him until the final cuts.

    But, if they do that they are a lot more likely to see Paxton sitting at home for the season, and they would be out the entire $3.1 million. Better for them to cut him now, so that he'd have a better chance of sticking on somebody's 53 man roster, and that team having to pick up part of his $.

    But, that would leave the team with only 2 QBs on the roster, so they'd need to pick up a veteran QB, and that also won't be cheap. This Paxton move is causing massive problems for the team.

    They should have traded him prior to the draft when his trade stock was a bit higher than it is now, and picked up another veteran then.

    But, Elway was clinging to his idiot hope that somehow Paxton would develop magically and then he, Elway would be justified in his pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davii View Post
    Do we spend less if we keep him? He gets that money for sure if he's still on the team and that's a wasted roster spot as well. Seems it's more costly to keep him in the long run
    Sorry this is so late, my home internet is fubar, the dog chewed thru the temp line while we were waiting for them to bury it. Seems others have answered/.
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