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Thread: First depth chart released

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregbroncs View Post
    Relax, it's not like McKenzie is our Punt Returner again....Wait....Shit!
    Look where he is on the WR dept chart. He's about 7th, behind some dude named River Cracraft.

    First off, who names their child "river"? What's next? "Boat" or "Harbor"?

    In any event that means McKenzie is about 7th on the depth chart right now, so unless he's suddenly going to turn into Deven Hester, he's not going to make the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    Shoulda kept Sloter
    Still on "Team Sloter", eh? Well, after all the hype from people bent out of shape about losing Sloter, he inspired so much confidence in Mike Zimmer that he went out and acquired Trevor Siemian to back up Cousins.

    Still, they should have kept Siemian as a backup and gotten rid of Lynch. Elway keeps trying flog that dead horse but he's starting to shine and stink pretty bad in the hot August sun, and somebody is going to have to get a back-hoe and bury that bloated carcass pretty soon or we'll be in for a serious health hazard. He's also starting to attract blow-flies which is never a good sign in your backup QB.

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