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They are both drama queens. The punter needs to rip some good punts before I am accepting of his antics. Now go punt, punter.
He hasn't done any antics with the Broncos! He's done nothing whatever but show up and be one of the best punters in the NFL. He's a top 5 punter talent. If he starts acting up, fine, then it will be time to complain. But, because he acted out on the Raiders? Who doesn't? That team has been a total cluster-fu since Jon Gruden left town and now they think it's all going to suddenly turn around for them? Because Chucky is soooo disciplined! That'll show them!

And about 1/2 the failed coaches in the history of the NFL took that approach. Chucky is like entering some song from 1985 in the 2018 Grammy Awards, he's a fossil. No way that is going to work, it's a pure marketing approach. He's the big famous face to put on the billboard after for their move to Vegas.