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He's not a gifted deep ball passer. And that's not necessarily a requirement, but it's more than nice. In the past we've seen teams stack the box and take the run game away. The fear is that if he isn't capable with the deep ball, it can impact him negatively. Last season, CK was on a team that ran the ball a ton, even when it wasn't effective. They had that luxury because of the defense that the Vikings had.

CK isn't scared to sling the ball, I will give him that. But if you read the first link, on deep balls especially, he had a lot of dropped picks. If one goes into the analysis, there's a lot of things that take the shine off of CK.
I can always appreciate a documented argument.

So Keenum doesn't have the Favre-esque arm that can scare a defense to death at any time
in a game, but what he can do is to create some open receivers deep through a good play-
action game. That is how the Vikings had a good deep game. They ran and ran the ball, then
took the open shot. Keenum is good at play-action, so that is what he needs to do.