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Thread: Bucky Brooks all-rookie team. Looky-here it boasts 3 Broncos

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    Quote Originally Posted by G_Money View Post
    Jewell is not on this list because he's expected to be Pozluszny, he's on it because the guy ahead of him is Todd Freaking Davis. Royce Freeman isn't on it because Bucky thinks he's a top-2 back (he had him just outside his top 5 IIRC) but because the Broncos have no real vet in front of him and are happy to run a back timeshare, which means he'll get plenty of chances to get yards.

    It's not a knock on Freeman or Jewell. I think the world of Freeman and was pulling for Denver to draft him last year if he came out, let alone this year. Immediate opportunity matters on lists like this, though, and Denver has opportunities available for these young players.

    Jewell's pass breakups were mostly zone opportunites, top. His reaction time is excellent and he will break on balls in the flat, which is why I like him, but his footspeed isn't even on tape. He just gets to the right spot on the field. That's crucial when there's a point to attack, and not as helpful when he's just running with a guy in man coverage. And as I've said before, pro-day times will always be about .12 faster on average because of the way they are timed. He verified his 40-combine time. Whether you think you should judge LBs on their 40 sprint times is a different thing.

    I'm happy we're gonna give Jewell a shot because I think he's an improvement, and happy that Freeman should get a good workload as a rookie, and glad that Chubb is ours, all ours because I do expect him to be a monster. But the Broncos could have taken one of a half-dozen backs and still had a RB on this list, and could have taken a few other MLBs and made the list as well. The players we got are good players, but their listing here is partly due to need.

    That's not a slam. I certainly hope they all live up to their opportunities - Denver needs that. And this is the happiest I've been with a Denver draft in some time. I can say all that and still say that this list is an opportunity list rather than a "best 1st year pro players" list.
    Good argument on all counts.

    I will respond to one point. I'm aware of the differences in timing between the Combine and
    Pro Days. I did mention that Jewell said he was looking for a mid-4.6 time when he ran,
    which implies that this is his normal time. But I'm not saying he is fast, as in Brandon
    Marshall fast. As you mentioned, however, Jewell's reaction time and anticipation are
    superlative, which adds up to good football speed. That's why a player's straight-line speed
    in shorts does not necessarily indicate his football speed. We'll find out when the bullets
    start flying.
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