DENVER — Peyton Manning and Case Keenum may soon be getting together on the golf course.
Manning said Wednesday at his Colorado Sports Hall of Fame induction that the two had been communicating. He suggested the two may meet up on the course so that Keenum could ask some questions about playing in Denver.
“He said he wanted to pick my brain on a couple things,” Manning said. “I just told him I’m here as a resource. I pull for quarterbacks. I really do. It’s a unique fraternity and I’m excited for the opportunity for him.
“He’s got a chance to play with some great players and what he did last year in Minnesota was really special. I know Broncos fans kind of hope to see some of that same magic here this year.”
Manning has previously spent time with Keenum at the Manning Passing Academy, which Keenum participated in while playing at the University of Houston.
“I like Case Keenum,” Manning said. “I’m a big Case Keenum fan. Case came to our football camp years ago as a college player. He’s one of our alumni and my dad’s kept in touch with him since. I’ve seen him through the years.
“…He’s a hard worker. He’s really been a winner all his life — high school or college. What a great opportunity for him, and I’m certainly pulling for him.”
Manning said Wednesday his willingness to reach out to new players to offer his support extends to both Broncos players and the larger quarterback contingent across the league.
“Certainly, quarterbacks are a pretty unique fraternity, and I think quarterbacks need to look out for each other and kind of stick together,” Manning said. “That’s always been important, and I think certainly, [the mentality is] kind of ‘Once a Bronco, always a Bronco.’ I don’t know what resource I can be, but [I] just try to be there for anything a player might need, especially a quarterback.
“I know what it’s like to change teams. There’s expectations. There’s pressure. And there’s a lot of adjusting.”