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Thread: What we know about Arizona and the FBI’s college basketball investigation, as Sean Miller sits out

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    Default What we know about Arizona and the FBI’s college basketball investigation, as Sean Miller sits out

    I'm surprised that there hasn't been a thread started on this on yet.

    Arizona head basketball coach Sean Miller didn’t coach the Wildcats in their loss at Oregon on Saturday night.

    On Friday, ESPN reported that an FBI wiretap revealed a conversation between Miller and Christian Dawkins, a central figure in the FBI’s probe of corruption in college basketball. In the call, Miller and Dawkins reportedly “discussed” a $100,000 payment to freshman center Deandre Ayton when he was a recruit in the class of 2017.
    From a legal standpoint, I don't see this as any different to what the Patriots got bust for doing, violations of the company rules. So why is the FBI investigating this?
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    It's a non-starter for me. Who cares? The NCAA is basically organized exploitation. The Feds investigating this is a waste of resources.
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    The Feds are investigating this in the sense that this is fraud, crossing state lines.
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    The Feds are probably investigating because a high ranking congressman who is alumni from a rival school told them to investigate

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    Get the money, baby.
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